Cory O’Brien Borkowski is a Milwaukee based contemporary artist who participates in a variety of community art events, collaborative projects and exhibitions. Influenced by the natural shapes in topographical maps of mountains and lakes, her work is a dissection and appropriation of these patterns. Through a combination of new technology and traditional fabrication, minimal forms are crafted into a variety of adornments and art objects. These objects are made of a variety of materials and act as an extension of her curiosity in these unique organic shapes.



Cory O’Brien Borkowski graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in jewelry and metals with a certificate in Digital Fabrication and Design from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Borkowski is currently working as a goldsmith at Kessler’s Diamonds. After completing her artist in residency at Var Gallery and Studios, she is currently curating a scholarship and internship program for emerging artists at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee through her company, Kessler's Diamonds.

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